Top Free Movie and TV Show Apps for Firestick


It is most likely you got your Amazon Firestick for streaming convenience, aside from its great interface, features, and a range of other apps. With that in mind, we bring you a quick overview of free movie and TV show apps bound to get you up to speed. With so many to choose from, we compare UX and catalogs in an attempt to help you decide what apps you should actually go for. Let’s get on with it!


CatMouse got its well-deserved praise quickly as it was launched as an ad-free app that comes easy on the eye and strong on the features. The app has a huge collection of HD and UHD movies while we’ve seen some 4K titles featured as well, although there are still very few to choose from.

We have been able to integrate CatMouse with as well as Real Debrid, while it also supports Chromecast if you want to watch elsewhere. Ultimately, you can download most of the videos and watch them offline which adds to the sentiment of a well-rounded app for those enjoying it on the go as well.

The interface looks good and speedy as you’d expect on Firestick. We enjoyed a great streaming experience, with a fast download that has many rating the app well against main competitors. CatMouse offers personalized lists once you start adding favorites to watch later and navigation through them felt seamless, as we put it to a test jumping from one category to another.


Officially a media search tool, BeeTV is a streaming app fetching data from the Internet and offering access to a great library of content. It’s very easy to use but is officially only available for Android devices, although you can obviously get it on a jailbroken Amazon Firestick.

The fact that BeeTV works through partnerships with media sites makes for a worry in the mind of many. Still, it makes the app lightweight and we’ve had no trouble with availability whatsoever. The app has been up and running any time of the day and credible reviews claim just about the same.

BeeTV offers a good range of movies and TV shows you can choose from. However, it’s worth noting the library revolves around newer titles with fresh additions. This will work just fine for you if you’re not looking for blockbusters from the 90s but can be disappointing with evergreen TV shows missing.

Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD APK has been one of the best-rated free video-on-demand apps in the past couple of years. The app has recently been reinvented with a new user interface that largely answered criticism regarding some past versions.

The app features a search engine at the top and comes very easy to navigate overall. You can choose from categories on the left-hand side or browse among popular and recently added titles on the home page. Additionally, we felt a great improvement in overall speed and buffering times.

It’s important to state a known strong suit in the catalog too. We absolutely loved the content and you’ll be found wanting regardless of your preferences. Cinema HD APK can be set up across platforms and offers a comprehensive guide on how to install the Cinema app Firestick.

BBC iPlayer

BBC has been the obvious big gun in the United Kingdom for decades and the same goes for iPlayer, available exclusively in the UK. Still, the sheer amount and the quality of the content in the offer attracted many others to use VPN services and get their hands on the likes of:

  • BBC 1,
  • BBC News Channel,
  • CBBC,
  • CBeebies,
  • and many more.

BBC iPlayer is fast, very easy to use, and as reliable as it gets. It offers everything its conventional list of channels does on-demand and does so in great fashion. Indeed, we enjoyed the design and had no trouble picking favorites to watch with next to no buffering time whatsoever.

It’s hard to compete with what BBC has to offer in terms of news, TV shows, and documentaries. It was thus impossible to drop it from the list even if some will have to employ a VPN. However, our only objection is that it’s not fully free. It does not require a monthly subscription, but you will need a TV license to watch it legally. Read more…


Kodi remains one of the top havens for a great reason. The media player by itself is powerful although it provides no content by itself. It’s community-made add-ons that make the app come alive, opening it up to just about anything you can imagine content-wise including top movies and TV shows.

The app has a reported list of over 900 officially recognized addons that in turn offer insurmountable content. From black-and-white movies to modern documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters, Kodi has it all. Add sports, music, and news from across the globe to get a well-rounded product that pushed many into jailbreaking their Firesticks in the first place.

Final Thoughts: A Lot to Choose From

There is certainly a lot Amazon Firestick users can go for to better their experience. Apps above all add one thing or another to the lot, often creating a feeling of content impossible to cover. Still, you should bear in mind your preferences when choosing what to try if you are to get the most out of it.

This comes down to the user interface and features but even more importantly, to the quality of content and the delivery. We listed our top 5 favorites as some of the go-to places for free content online but the differences listed can make or break it for you.

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Top Free Movie and TV Show Apps for Firestick

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