22 Must Carry Travel Essentials For Women

Travel Essentials For Women

Women make more travel trips than men, as quoted by FHWA, and if you are among the ones planning for a trip to your favorite place, you must be worried about things to keep during holiday travel.

Well, no need to be concerned about it anymore. I’m sharing some must-have essentials and travel tips  for women. Keep these things along with you, and you will definitely enjoy your trip without any fuss.

1. Trtl Travel Pillow

You might think that a pillow is not necessary while traveling. But, believe me, it is one of the most important accessories to carry while traveling.

Trtl Travel Pillow
Source: Amazon

It is basically built to support your neck when you are traveling in a plane or any vehicle. Almost all of us had a quick nap during the route. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position often causes pain in the neck in the rest of the journey past moving your neck here and there.

It is really small and straps on the outside of your backpack. For those who prefer a more “traditional” pillow for their travels, the pinetales travel pillow is an excellent choice as well.

2. Camera & Its Accessories

Everyone wants to make their trips memorable by clicking some amazing photos that could be remembered after months and years. Or many women love to share their photos with social network.

Camera & Its Accessories

So, if you want high-quality images, make sure to keep a camera with you. Charge the batteries, pack the charger and have some extra batteries that can be used in an emergency.

Double-check for the memory card and select a card that has enough memory to hold the pictures of the entire trip.

You can also carry extra memory cards with you or a laptop where you can transfer the photos in case the card is full.

3. Power Bank

While traveling, it is obvious that phones are being used more often. The battery is consumed in Google Maps, Shopify, Translator, etc. And sometimes, we are unable to get a suitable place to charge the phones.

In such situations, a portable phone charger can save your day. Keep a fully charged power bank with you whenever you are traveling. You can also opt for a solar-powered power bank so that it can charge itself a bit.

4. Headphones


Noise-canceling headphones can be a very handy item to carry. Well, if I talk about myself, I always keep them with me during my normal routine as well. While you are on the way or in the hotel and want to listen to your favorite tunes, you can always enjoy them with quality headphones.

You may be disturbed by a crying baby in the airplane or some construction near your hotel. Moreover, good music can be a reason to be relaxed and charge your mood during a trip.

5. Lip Balm

As per research conducted by Dissertation Help Online, flying can often dehydrate your body resulting in cracked, dry lips. And it can really ruin your day. Moreover, sometimes traveling to a new place can result in dried lips due to humidity changes and climatic conditions.

It is recommended to always take a lip balm with you. It can be easily carried in your backpack or side bag.

6. Sunglasses

It is extremely important to protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Moreover, glasses can add a classy look to your personality and your photos as well.


Whether moving in the streets of a mountain town or chilling on a beach under the scorching sun rays, glasses can be a very good addition to this list.

7. Personalized Masks

Personalized Masks
Source: NBCNews

Well, we are currently moving through an era where covid has hit us really hard. Carrying masks is really necessary and often asked by officials at the airport or any particular place.

It may seem like an added responsibility, but customized masks nowadays are giving a really cool look.

You can select several masks according to your dresses and wear them accordingly. It will not only save you from the virus but will add a classy look to your personality.

8. Sanitizers

We are often stuck in a situation where we do not have access to water or soap for a long time during travel. This is really common, and you could easily idealize it if you have traveled before. In these circumstances, hand sanitizers are the best solution.

It can protect you from transferring germs to your mouth through your hands when you are having a meal. Moreover, now small bottles are available for carrying sanitizers with you all the time. Just clip them to your side bag and be safe.

9. Make-up Remover

I had personally suffered from the situation when I had to wash my face again and again before going to sleep in my hotel room. I forgot to carry make-up remover with me during my visit to Spain a couple of months ago.

After an overnight flight or a long day exploring, the very first thing a woman wants is to remove her make-up. Make sure that you have a proper make-up removing kit that can keep you comfortable when you are down for asleep.

10. First aid kit

First aid kit

One of the most important must-haves during a trip is a first aid kit. You can keep it in your toiletry bag. In case things go wrong or any casualty happens, you will be prepared for it.

You can keep a few first aid bandages, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, scissors, thermometer, anesthetic spray, gloves, gauze pads, etc. Moreover, keep some medicines for cough, fever, headache, body pain as well.

11. Kindle e-reader

Everyone gets downtime during their travels. Sometimes, before going to bed or maybe laying under the sun on the beach. This is the perfect time to have an ebook with you that can keep you occupied.

You can also carry a book or two with you, but the Kindle e-reader is lighter, and you will be comfortable keeping it with you. Moreover, you can have access to thousands of books at your fingertips.

12. Razor and Refills

If you are planning for a summer holiday, then the foremost competence of your toiletry bag is a safety razor for your legs. How can you wear beautiful dresses without taking care of your legs?

Well, it also depends on how long your trip is. It is a good idea to keep some extra razors with you keeping in consideration how often you shave. Although these accessories can be brought during the trip as well, you never know, anything can happen. I have personally suffered from finding the particular brand I use.

13. Face Moisturizer

When you spend a long time in the sun or walking, you usually have less water intake, and the skin becomes dehydrated. It is a must to moisturize your skin during this period. Or it may be needed sometimes during the night, when you feel your skin is dry.

Face Moisturizer

Make sure that you have moisturizer with you. Keep the one that you are already using, and your skin is familiar with it. Trying new ones can result in allergies, as many people have sensitive skin.

14. Sun Block or After Sun Lotion

If you are planning for a summer holiday or a trip to a beach, then it is necessary to keep a sun-blocking cream or after sun lotion with you.

I always carry this item with me as my skin burns very quickly under the shiny sun. If you have the same problem or your skin gets itchy under the sun, you must keep a sun lotion with you.

15. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Without any doubt, these are some of the essential items. More importantly, they are usually forgotten. This is the reason I have mentioned them in this list. It is understood that these can be bought during the trip as well, but ideally, you might not want to miss a single brush. So, make sure to carry these items in your toiletry bag.

16. Nail Scissors

If you have a plan for more than 4 to 5 days, then you must think of keeping nail scissors with you. Sometimes, you may have to suffer from broken or chipped nails. It can cause discomfort and can irritate you during the trip. Having your nail kit is the quick solution for any such issue.

17. Menstrual Cup

Girls often travel, keeping in mind their periodic cycle. But, it is very common for women to get irregular periods. Hence, for the menstruation issue, a menstrual cup is the most sustainable solution. It allows you to participate in all sorts of travel activities. There is no need to worry about changing your pads or any leakage.

18. Hair Ties

Hair Ties
Source: Amazon

Well, usually, girls keep their hair open in the air while visiting different locations during the trip. However, you may need to tie them up at night while reading the book or sleeping. So keep hair ties along with you so that you may feel comfortable.

I will recommend keeping spiral hair ties as they have a better grip and are high-quality ties that do not lose their stretch quickly.

19. Deodorant

Sometimes finding a suitable aroma during a journey is as difficult as choosing a dissertation topic. If you are a person who has an affection towards a particular smell, then I would recommend you to keep your deodorant with you.

20. Clothes


According to your plan, you should keep some clothes with you. For instance, if you are planning to spend a day by the beach, then a bikini will be necessary for you. Similarly, long skirts would work during summer vacations. You should also keep into consideration your destination while selecting your clothes.

21. Shoes

A pair of three to four shoes and sandals can work for you depending upon your personal interest and convenience. I would recommend you to keep a pair of sandals for warm weather. Similarly, you must keep a hiking shoe with you for uncertain surfaces. Comfortable walking shoes are also a must.

22. Waterproof Jacket

You never know when rain can hit you in the middle of your trip, or in case of any unpleasant event, you must have a waterproof jacket. It can also save you in the night from the cold. Sitting around with family or colleagues by a fire wearing this jacket on a mild winter night will definitely help you.

While Summing Up On Travel Essentials For Women

This is almost a complete list for all the women who are ready for their next big adventure. Read the list carefully and keep all the essentials along with you. You can maintain two different bags; one for your clothes, shoes, etc., and the toiletry bag. Of course, there is a hand carry as well.

Having these essentials with you will let you enjoy your trip without any late-night excursions to the stop shops.

I wish you happy packing and hope that you will enjoy your next trip. If anything is remaining in the list, do let me know in the comments section below.

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Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as an Editor QA at Crowd Writer. She is a travel lover and has traveled to 26 counties. She loves to share her experiences with her readers. Claudia is a tech geek and keeps herself updated with technological advancements.

22 Must Carry Travel Essentials For Women

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