5 Cool Tricks to Do on a Trampoline That’ll Surprise Everyone

Tricks to Do on a Trampoline

Springless trampolines are just fun. They can provide hours and hours of entertainment for kids, teens, and young adults alike.

On top of that, they get children outdoors, where they are enriched with many physical and mental health benefits. They get plenty of exercises, which improves their cardio, strength, and flexibility.

When buying a trampoline for your kids, the first question is why you didn’t get one sooner. The second question is what are some cool tricks to do on a trampoline.

Your kids will very quickly want to learn the best trampoline tricks so they can impress their friends and have more even more fun out in the yard. Keep reading to learn about five easy tricks to do on a trampoline, which will keep your kids busy for weeks as they practice and learn.

1. Drop

You can perform either a front-drop or a back-drop on a trampoline. These are essentially trust falls, where you hold still and fall backward, landing flat against the trampoline.

Once you get comfortable doing this, you can start by jumping into the air and then landing flat on your back or front, testing your nerves.

2. Handspring

The handspring is the precursor to the flip. You can perform them either frontwards or backyards. You are essentially flipping your body, but landing on your hands halfway through.

This is a trick that you can take to the ground after you get comfortable doing it on the trampoline.

3. Frontflip

Probably the most common trick to do on a trampoline is the frontflip. When it comes to owning a trampoline, this is what all kids aspire to very early on.

It’s actually quite easy, too. Upon jumping, you need to thrust your body forward enough for a full rotation. It’s scary at first, but you’ll find you get comfortable with the movement pretty fast.

The front flip is the trick that most trampoline enthusiasts eventually take to the water. When kids have an opportunity to use a water trampoline, in a pool or lake, they will do a front flip and end in a diving position, landing in the water.

Check out the best water trampoline here to seriously impress your kids and be the go-to place in summer.

4. Backflip

The backflip is just the reverse of a frontflip. But it feels much more difficult and scary than the frontflip. It often takes much longer to learn how to do this trick. The key is learning how to jump and flip in place, instead of launching your body backyards, potentially off the trampoline.

5. Knee-Flip

Another fun way to flip is the knee flip. Jump up, land on your knees, and from the bounce perform either a front or backflip, landing on your knees again.

Start With These Cool Tricks to Do on a Trampoline

There are tons of tons of other cool tricks to do on a trampoline. Many of the more advanced tricks may require larger trampolines and more space.

There are different types of trampolines and sizes available. You’ll often have to visit a trampoline park or gymnastics studio in order to try some of the advanced tricks out for yourself. But the easy tricks listed above will keep kids busy at home for a long time.

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5 Cool Tricks to Do on a Trampoline That’ll Surprise Everyone

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