5 Types of Beer Glass to Complement Your Beer

Beer Glass

There are so many glassware alternatives for beer, from pints to mugs and everything in between – picking the ideal glass for your style of beer might be difficult. Is it a marketing gimmick on the part of the glassmakers to encourage us to buy more glasses? No, selecting the right beer glass has its advantages! Choosing the best beer glass for your kind of beer is similar to choosing wine glassware: it will improve your overall drinking experience.

In this blog we’ll be exploring all the main different types of beer glasses, and which beers they’re best used with.

Why Does it Matter?

It has a significant influence on your entire experience, from beginning to end! Beer glasses are made to keep the same level of head and carbonation, as well as maintain consistent temperatures. Each type of glass has its own characteristics that improve the aromas, tastes, and mouthfeel of individual brews.

Also, different beer glasses can change the way in which you perceive a beer before you even take the first sip. The carbonation, colour, and head of the beer will all be different in various types of beer glass.

Different Types of Beer Glass

Now that we’ve gone over the importance of picking the right beer glass for your beer, let’s dive into some of the different types of beer glass and which beers they’re best paired with.

Pint Glasses

The English Pint Glass, sometimes called the Imperial Pint Glass or Nonic Pint glass, is larger than the American Pint Glass and holds 568ml of liquid rather than 473ml. This glass slightly bows out near the top, assisting with good head development similar to the American Pint Glass. Lagers, ales, IPAs, stouts, and porters are all commonly served in this glass. The large opening permits for head retention while also allowing for beers with big noses to engulf you in their aroma.

Beer Mugs

The iconic beer mug, while still widely recognised, is not as popular these days. Beer mugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are generally rather big and can hold a lot of liquid. Their thick glass construction ensures that the beer stays colder for longer and the handle allows you to drink your beer without heating up the glass. Scottish ales, Irish dry stouts, and American lagers are all great to drink out of this type of mug.

Beer Steins

With beautiful artwork and intricate accents, this traditional drinking cup is more elegant than the other vessels on this list. Steins aren’t as popular nowadays, and they’re more often used for aesthetic purposes, but this classic beer cup still has a use. Steins, like beer mugs, are made of thick insulated materials to keep your beer cooler longer and have a handle on the top so you can effortlessly grip the big stein without warming up the beverage. Traditionally, the lid was thought to be cleaner and was actually intended to prevent bubonic plague.

Goblets & Chalices

With a thick stem and big bowl-shaped vessel, these wide-mouthed glasses keep the head of the beverage and allow for deep sips to enjoy the scent of the beer. These decoratively designed glasses are no longer as popular as they used to be, however, they were frequently used to serve German bocks, maibocks, Belgian IPAs, Belgian ales, Belgian dubbels, tripels, and quadruples – and other beers with a high alcohol percentage.

Pilsner Glasses

These tall and thin glasses have a somewhat wider top, but are still relatively narrow in body. This style shows the beer’s colour, clarity, and carbonation clearly. The bigger top allows for better head retention and the scent of the beverage to be enhanced. Pilsner glasses have very little curvature and cannot retain as much as other beer glasses. American lagers, hefeweizens, blonde ales, and other brews with a high carbonation are ideal for drinking in these glasses.

So, there you have it – the most popular types of beer glasses and what you should be pairing them with! If you’re a pub owner, or are wanting to kit out your home bar with the best beer glasses on the market, there are plenty of great glassware sellers online like GarageBar that can supply you with everything that you’ll need to have the perfect beer-drinking experience.

5 Types of Beer Glass to Complement Your Beer

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