What Holidays Are Car Dealerships Closed?

Hey, fellow car enthusiasts! Ever had that burning urge to go car shopping, only to realize it might be a holiday and dealerships could be closed? Yeah, I’ve been there. And trust me, driving all the way to find locked doors isn’t fun. So, let’s dive into this topic and find out exactly when these dealerships decide to take a day off!

1. New Year’s Day: Starting with a Break

Ah, New Year’s Day—a time of celebration, reflection, and, yes, hangovers for some. Most of us might be planning resolutions or enjoying a lazy day in, but guess what? So are the car dealers.
Many dealerships opt to close their doors on January 1st, giving their employees a well-deserved break. So, you might want to hold off on that car shopping spree till January 2nd.

2. Easter Sunday: Eggs, Bunnies, and No Cars

While some holidays see a split decision among dealerships, Easter Sunday is pretty unanimous. It’s family time, folks!
Chances are high that your local car dealership will be closed, giving everyone a chance to enjoy those Easter egg hunts and family dinners.

3. Memorial Day: Maybe, Maybe Not

This one’s a bit tricky. While Memorial Day is a federal holiday and many businesses close, some car dealerships might see this as an opportunity for sales, hosting special Memorial Day deals.
However, some still choose to honor the day by giving their employees a break. Best to call ahead or check online before heading out.

4. Independence Day: Fireworks But No Car Deals

Ah, the 4th of July! A day for barbecues, fireworks, and celebrating freedom. And while you’re in a celebratory mood, most dealerships decide to join in and take a day off.
Though, there are a few exceptions, especially those aiming to push mid-year sales. Again, a quick online check or a phone call can save the day.

5. Labor Day: Honoring the Workforce

Labor Day is meant to honor and recognize the American labor movement. As such, many businesses give their employees a day off, and car dealerships are no exception.
But, as with other holidays, there’s always an exception to the rule, with some dealerships remaining open with special sales events.

6. Thanksgiving: Turkey Over Test Drives

On Thanksgiving, as people everywhere express gratitude over a hearty meal, car dealerships often close their doors to let their employees do the same.
However, the subsequent day, Black Friday, often sees dealerships not only open but bustling with deals and eager shoppers.

7. Christmas Day: A Universal Break

Regardless of religious affiliations, Christmas Day is a widely observed holiday. And yes, that extends to car dealerships too.
While Christmas Eve might see shortened hours, Christmas Day itself is a day of rest and celebration for most dealership employees.

8. The Gray Area: Local and Cultural Holidays

Apart from these major holidays, there are state-specific or local holidays where dealerships might close. It’s always a good idea to be aware of local observances.
Moreover, in areas with a significant cultural or religious community, dealerships might close for holidays pertinent to those communities.

9. The Exceptions and The Rule

While we’ve covered the most commonly observed holidays, it’s essential to understand that some dealerships, especially those independently owned, might have their own set of holidays.
Being proactive, calling ahead, or checking a dealership’s website for holiday hours can ensure you’re never met with unexpected closed doors.

In Conclusion:

While the urge to buy a car can strike at any moment, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of these holidays. After all, everyone deserves a break now and then—even your friendly car dealer! So, the next time the shopping itch kicks in on a holiday, maybe enjoy the day and plan your visit for another day. Happy car hunting!

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What Holidays Are Car Dealerships Closed?
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