Dentist Defined: What Is a Veneer?

What is a Veneer

More than one-third of Americans say they aren’t happy with their smile.

There are many ways to improve the look of a smile, including tooth whitening, braces, implants, and veneers. Among these, veneers are one of the fastest and least invasive methods.

But what is a veneer? We’re going to explain everything you need to know about veneers in this quick guide. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is a Veneer?

A veneer is a thin cover that goes over the front part of a tooth. It’s a way to improve your smile and fix dental issues such as:

  • stained teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • worn teeth
  • crooked or unusually shaped teeth
  • small teeth
  • uneven spaces
  • large gaps between the front teeth

Typically made from porcelain but also available in a resin-composite material, veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth. They can last for between 10 and 15 years before requiring rebonding.

How Do Veneers Work?

The first step to getting veneers is searching for a Dentist near me. At your preliminary appointment, the dentist will take X-rays and have a look at how healthy your teeth are.

When your veneers are ready, the dentist will use a grinding tool to grind away at the tooth structure. Sometimes they will remove some of the tooth enamel as well. This ensures that the veneer can be properly placed and it also helps it adhere to the tooth.

The dentist uses dental cement to bond the veneer to the surface of your tooth. To harden the cement and keep the veneer permanently bonded, they use ultraviolet light.

Once all of your veneers have been placed, you’re ready to go. There’s no downtime or recovery period. You’ll have your new smile as soon as you get up from the dentist’s chair.

Who Is a Candidate for Veneers?

Not everyone is a candidate for veneers. In order to have veneers done, you’ll need to be free of tooth decay, gum disease, and any need for root canals. If you do have these issues, your dentist can treat them before considering veneers. With this reputable dentist, you can opt to either rid sensitive teeth or get Dental veneers in Chatham.

Veneers may also not be good for anybody who clenches or grinds their teeth. Clenching and grinding can wear away at the veneers and cause them to chip or break. However, this is remedied with a simple mouthguard that’s worn at night.

Are There Any Risks?

Dentists try to avoid removing enamel and, if they must, they try to remove as little as possible. Either way, the process is permanent and irreversible. For some patients, this might also be a painful process.

The other thing to consider is that veneers may come loose over time. While they are intended to be permanent, they usually require rebounding eventually.

More Help With Your Health

So, what is a veneer? It’s a non-invasive and quick fix for a smile that needs improvement. Whether you have chips, stains, gaps, or misshapen teeth, this is a permanent solution for a fabulous smile.

And for more help with your health, be sure to check our health blog regularly.

Dentist Defined: What Is a Veneer?

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