Why Install a Japanese Toilet in the Bathroom?

Why Install a Japanese Toilet in the Bathroom

Are you seeking an elegant upgrade for your bathroom, or need to create a more accessible design for those with mobility issues? Installing a Japanese toilet may be the ideal solution.

These toilets come equipped with all sorts of technology, from bidets to dryers and heated seats. Not only that, but they’re designed to save water by using less toilet paper but also deodorize the air so your bathroom smelling fresh!

The Benefits of Installing a Japanese Toilet

Japanese toilets are one of those bathroom appliances that can make potential home buyers take notice when selling your property. While they perform the same basic function as Western toilets – eliminating waste in an efficient and hygienic manner – they come equipped with a range of additional features that go far beyond just basic waste disposal.

According to Yokando, some Japanese toilets include bidet attachments, which shoot water at your personal area to cleanse and comfort you. Studies have demonstrated that bidets can reduce bacterial prostatitis, urinary tract infections, and other conditions that cause inflammation, pain, and discomfort.

What Makes a Japanese Toilet So Special?

My first trip to Japan was truly remarkable; the level of hygiene and cleanliness in public toilets there seemed far superior to what I’m used to back home. It was truly refreshing and an entirely new experience for me.

One of the key features Japanese toilets offer is bidet washlets, which make dry-wiping unnecessary and eliminate toilet paper entirely. A bidet sprays a stream of water onto your bottom or female genital area to effectively remove bacteria and dirt without leaving behind any waste behind.

Many Japanese washlets feature buttons for selecting water temperature, pressure, nozzle position and vibration. Some even come with pulsating jets which some claim are beneficial for constipation or hemorrhoids.

How to Choose the Right Japanese Toilet for Your Home

When installing or replacing a Japanese toilet, there are several factors you should take into account before making your purchase. For instance, make sure the model fits in your bathroom and is easy to install.

When selecting a bidet-equipped toilet, be sure to choose one with nozzles on both front and back of the seat. This makes it simpler to use when seated as you no longer need to bend over over the bowl.

Japanese toilets also come with a range of features designed to disinfect and sanitize the toilet bowl, such as automatic rinse systems, pulsating water sprays, and UV sanitizers.

How to Install a Japanese Toilet

Japanese toilets offer a cost-effective upgrade for your bathroom without the hassle of replacing existing fixtures. Furthermore, they’re easy to install, making them the ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their toilet experience without breaking the bank.

These modern toilets can be found in hotels, restaurants, train stations and public restrooms throughout Japan. Not only do they provide an improved hygiene level and comfort compared to traditional toilets, but their design also lends themselves to increased accessibility for travelers.

Japanese toilets are not only hygienic, but also eco-friendly. They use less water than American toilets, helping conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Install a Japanese Toilet in the Bathroom?

Japanese toilets are designed to offer users a relaxing experience and boast several features that make them popular choices in bathrooms, such as heated seats, automatic cleansing functions and antibacterial systems.

One of the primary advantages of a Japanese toilet is that it helps reduce waste production. This is because people require less paper and water than with traditional toilets, reducing paper use by half.

Furthermore, Japanese toilets are much more eco-friendly than their Western counterparts due to the reduced water usage when flushing and easier cleanup than standard toilets.

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Why Install a Japanese Toilet in the Bathroom?

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