Why You Should Work Abroad in Seoul

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An eclectic mix of the forward-thinking and the traditional, Seoul is unique. From its impressive temples to its shining, futuristic skyscrapers, the city walks the line between past and present with grace and skill. Increasingly, interns and young professionals are heading to Seoul to begin their careers. 

So to help you decide whether work experience here is right for you, we’ve put together the top reasons you should work abroad in Seoul.

Professional Opportunities

An Asian powerhouse, South Korea has grown rapidly in recent years. Today, the country is home to one of the most exciting and dynamic economies in the world. Seoul in particular is a tech haven; from firms like Samsung and LG to brand new startups, the world’s finest tech minds congregate in Seoul to create and innovate. If you’re interested in AI, robotics, app development or coding, Seoul is the perfect place to develop your skills.

But that’s not all. With its booming economy, Seoul is a fantastic choice for a number of disciplines. If you’re interested in finance, marketing, environmentalism or charity work, Seoul has opportunities aplenty. And beyond your experience in your field, you’ll also build up the soft skills you’ll need to succeed in any job. From adapting to a foreign culture to working with a diverse team of international colleagues, work experience in an international city can make you a more well-rounded person – always appealing to employers!

The Culture

Speaking of the culture, South Korean culture is a huge part of why you should consider working in Seoul. Like its architecture, South Korean culture is split into the old and the new, and the two are constantly intermixing. The old will find you experiencing religious shrines and historic monuments; the new will see you enjoying the pop culture and quirky fashion, food, and music. Seoul has it all, and a cultural experience will benefit your career immeasurably. You’ll learn how to integrate with new people and adapt to a different culture. Plus, the experience of a foreign language never hurts! Once you’ve made it here, you can make it anywhere.

Geographical Advantages

Some experts argue that we’re entering the Asian century, and it’s certainly true that Asian countries are going from strength to strength. South Korea is no exception, and work experience there will stand you in good stead for your future career. With Seoul experience under your belt, including an understanding of a different, more collaborative way of working, you’ll have a launching point from which to begin a career in Asia. From your base in Seoul, you can meet new contacts or conduct business in other Asian cities. Having your own network of professionals from some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative hotspots is never a bad thing.


With its diverse economy a magnet for young professionals, Seoul is growing by the day. Investment is pouring in and South Korean businesses are going from strength to strength. It’s clear that there’s never been a better time to work in the city.

But beyond that, Seoul offers a feast of cultural delights to enrich any work experience. Learning to adapt to a culture and work environment totally different from your own will be a challenging but worthwhile experience. Best of all, the experience will allow you to develop a range of transferable core skills to apply to your future career.

And work experience here will also provide you with an opportunity to build up your professional contact list. With your own regional network, you can launch a career in Asia; or simply draw on their experiences and advice as you progress. 

So if work experience in Seoul sounds good to you, why not check out Beyond Academy’s range of Seoul internships? They offer internships across eighteen different industries; from architecture to law, you can find the right internship for you. Or contact them to find out more about the internships they have to offer.

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Why You Should Work Abroad in Seoul

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