Boost Your Trade Show ROI With Interactive Display Solutions

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Traditional trade show booths often feature a plethora of paper collateral like flyers and brochures. These assets are expensive to produce and can easily get lost or in the trash. Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for brands of all sizes to showcase their products and move prospects down the sales funnel. However, measuring ROI can be challenging.

Interactive Displays

Every element of your exhibit is designed for a tactical reason: increasing brand awareness, pushing a product launch, or getting more appointments. To achieve those goals, you need people to visit your booth, and a great way to do that is by creating an interactive experience. Whether it’s an immersive virtual reality experience or a low-tech raffle, an engaging activity will make your booth one of the must-visit locations in the exhibition hall. The best booth vendors display a clear goal, and the rest of the design is created to support that goal. Trying to accomplish too much can lead to a messy design that is hard for attendees to comprehend and find value in. A fun interaction with your visitors is a great way to start a conversation, but that conversation must transition into a sales pitch and company growth. To do that, you need to capture their information and follow up with them after the event.

With trade show exhibits being such an expensive form of face-to-face marketing, you want to ensure you can achieve the returns your business requires. It would be best to start by identifying your main goals for the event, whether capturing leads or increasing brand awareness. One of the best ways to do this is to make your booth interactive and engaging. This will allow you to engage with a large audience and be much more memorable. Some of the most popular ways to create an interactive experience in a trade show booth are through sizeable interactive flat-panel displays. These can encourage interaction and collaboration by allowing multiple people to control the screen simultaneously. They are also perfect for showcasing video and digital content. Some of these screens also have software allowing attendees to collaborate remotely.

Photo Booths

The traditional collateral setup featuring brochures and flyers makes it hard to track ROI. In the digital age, a personalized microsite and QR code can be a more efficient way to engage your audience and capture leads. To help you grab the attention of your audience, you must come up with 10 trade show booth ideas. For example, you can incorporate a photo booth into your booth display. This booth feature is a cost-effective way to engage your audience and allow them to share a picture of themselves at the event on social media. You can customize the photo booth with props related to your brand or incorporate your logo. The best photo booths can capture attendees’ email addresses or survey responses, which can be used for post-show marketing and lead nurturing. Just be sure to consider any additional perks you can add – a branded gift or giveaway for those who sign up. This will ensure you capture the total value of your event attendance and boost your ROI.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is dynamically broadcasting digital AV content to multiple screens. It helps share news, wayfinding information, alerts, and emergency messages. It can also be used to deliver commercial content and real-time data. Unlike traditional signage, which can be expensive to update, digital displays are simple to edit. Using a CMS (Content Management System) platform, you can quickly change your message across all screens, schedule it to run regularly, or pre-schedule it for a specific date range. Keeping your audience informed is critical to their experience with your business. Studies have shown that customers are 400% more likely to recall information delivered via digital display than a static sign. Digital signage can also lower wait times and give your customers the confidence to navigate your store. They can check product availability, membership plans, and more without looking for a salesperson.

Charging Stations

Having the right technology at your trade show booth is critical to success. However, it isn’t the only component that makes up a successful event. An excellent way to boost your ROI is by using interactive digital activations. These can collect leads, create a memorable experience, and build brand awareness. For example, a digital lead capture system can collect attendee information. This can then be uploaded to your CRM or marketing automation platform for follow-up. Keeping attendees at your trade show booth for a long time can be challenging, especially when competitions are around. Providing them with cell phone charging stations can make your display visible to everyone at the venue and ensure they stay engaged with your business.

Boost Your Trade Show ROI With Interactive Display Solutions
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