Can You Use Green Material as Green Screen for Zoom?

Green Screen

Greens screens are one of the most important pieces of equipment for photographers, television broadcasters, and Hollywood to implement visual magic. If they place their subject in front of a green screen and take photos or videos, they can use video editing software to replace the background with any scenery.

Nowadays, most modern computers come with enough processing power to apply the green screen technique. This is why the green screen is extremely important for online conference software, including Zoom.

Due to the introduction of online meetings and work from home procedures, virtual backgrounds are available to every individual, even if they use an older version of a PC. But many users wonder if any type of green material can be used as a green screen for Zoom meetings or online conferences. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Green Screen in Zoom?

You might know that using virtual background on Zoom is possible. But do you know that using green screen background with Zoom will help you make the background much more effective and realistic?

The green screen in Zoom helps the users to change the background scenery completely. To achieve this, you need to place a green screen background behind you. The algorithm of Zoom will recognize that green screen background so that you can remove or replace the background as per your choice of the virtual image. You can not only choose a still image but also a short looping background.

However, if you don’t have a green screen, there is one great alternative for you.

Don’t You Have a Green Screen Background for Zoom?

If you don’t have green screen background, you can use the powerful technology of Zoom to separate the human body from the ordinary room background. The software is so advanced that it will guess the difference between your body and your head as well as the background of your room. This is one of the best alternatives to change the background scenery.

Once the algorithm of Zoom is done guessing the difference between your body and the background, the software will change the background scenery of the room as per your choice of the virtual image.

However, to implement this feature, the processing power of your computer needs to be super-fast. If you have a cheaper or less effective computer, you might not be able to use this feature. As per Cmitsolutions, too many programs can make your computer slow. Additionally, this feature of Zoom is full of bugs. Therefore, it’s better if you invest in green screen background.

Why Green Is Used for the Green Screen Background?

People use green instead of any color to replace the background because green is the only color furthest from yellow, the color of the skin as well as red, the color of the blood.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Asian, European, or African-American, the blood flowing through your skin will cause a reddish tone.

If you look at the universal color wheel, you will realize that green is the opposite of red. Therefore, they are as far as they can be. This means the Chroma Key or green screen algorithm can remove the background without affecting the subject.


Keep in mind that it’s imperative to invest in green screen background if you’re planning to replace the background scenery. Even though advanced software can replace the background, but it won’t be as effective as the green screen.

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Can You Use Green Material as Green Screen for Zoom?

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