8 Best Eyelash Tricks That Will Accentuate Your Look

Eyelash Tricks

The human eyelash works majorly for protection. It is designed to keep debris and dust out of the eye, but these days it has become a vital part of our makeup look. Eyelash extensions are even used to enhance the look. But you don’t always have to rely on extensions, your natural lashes can look just as beautiful as extensions with these eight eyelash tips.

You could use some eyeshadow goodness

There’s a lot more you can do with the eyeshadow palette other than just combining colors. To give your eyelashes some extra fullness, use a matte eyeshadow that is the same shade as your mascara and see as your lashes standout. For more effect, use a shimmering eyeshadow. And with that, I’m hoping you forget the white powder technique for eyelash fullness. Although it is a great way to build eyelash volume you have to deal with the powder sticking out under the black mascara.

Prime first

If you want a beautiful curly eyelash this is one you don’t want to miss. Primer keeps your eyelash looking curly all through the day so you don’t have to always go in with the mascara every now and then.

Curling after applying mascara is bad for your lashes but you can curl after priming. However, you should avoid heating your curler before using it on your primed eyelash. If you must heat, just hold the curler in hot water for some seconds rather than heat up the entire eyelash curler, this way the curler heats up more evenly. Unlike mascara, primers do not stick to the curler pads, so you don’t need to worry about your lashes pulling off.

Also, use black primer for your lashes instead of white. No doubt, white primers form a nice base for your eyelash but the problem is that you have to do extra work to cover the prepped lashes and sometimes it is still almost impossible to give it a full coverage. So rather than go through so much stress, prep your lashes with a black primer to give it full volume and keep your lashes for longer period. Most lash lift kits have black primers.

Try different colors

Contrary to what most people think, eyelashes do not have one color from top to button, it is usually a mix of dark to lighter shade. The lash is deep colored at the root but is lighter towards the tip of the lashes. Following this color trend will give your lashes a more defined natural look. So when you apply the mascara, start by using a dark or think coating for the root of the eyelashes then brush it up towards the tip. This way the color on the tip is a lighter than that at the root of the lashes. This technique is the best bet if you aim for a natural lash look.

Explore the full lash

Eyelash extensions are not the only means to get a full lash line, you can also achieve that with mascara if you go in a liitle extra. While most ladies prefer to apply mascara only on the ends of their eyelashes, that method may not be explorative. When applying mascara to your eyelashes, try to get it to the roots of the lashes to give a fuller look. Use the mascara wand to pick the lashes from the root to the end. But be careful not to brush too deep, so you don’t get the mascara on your eyeshadow, or touch your eyeballs with the mascara wand.

Coat before using waterproof  mascara

Although waterproof mascara is supercool, the problem is that it is hard to remove. You have to scrub the lashes to get them off. While this is an advantage because you get to keep your curled eyelash for a longer time, you end up yanking out some lashes in the process, and may even hurt your under-eyes. Luckily, we’ve found a way around it. First apply your regular mascara on your lashes, then go in with the waterproof mascara. This technique will keep the eyelashes lasting long and it will be easier to wash off.

Revive rather than replace

Suppose you are about finishing your makeup look with your mascara and you find out your mascara has dried up, here is a little tip you can try. Add two drops of alcohol-based makeup remover into the mascara tube, insert the wand into the tube then give it a little shake. With this you have your mascara back, ready to serve you better. Note, do not use an oil-based makeup remover for this procedure, it can ruin your mascara. If your brush is filled with dried-up clumps of mascara, rather than buy a new mascara entirely, try cleaning the brush with contact lens solution, the brush should be free of clumps in no time.

Do a little more with the lashes

Eyelashes make a huge difference in makeup, so when you pay more attention to them you can’t help but notice their effect in the overall look. To make your eyelashes pop out even more try using a black formula on your top lashes and a dark brown mascara on the bottom. You can never go wrong with this technique. Also, if you can, use curved wand instead of straight ones, it makes curling a lot easier.

Work on your diet

This might not be the pro tip, but it definitely makes the list. Nutrition has a huge effect on the health of your eyelashes, as it does on the hair on your head, your skin and even nails. Making few dietary changes like eating enough protein, healthy fat and leafy greens can improve healthy hair growth. However, note that this is not a one time thing, to see any improvement, this dietary change must become an habit.

Rounding off, here’s my take. Lash extensions are cool, in fact they bring out the beauty in your makeup and help to compensate for those skimpy lashes, however, it should not replace your natural lash. Excessive use of lash extension is likely to cause your natural lash to break off. Although this is temporary, since eyelashes naturally fall out and grow back, the regrowth may take longer than expected, sometimes around eight weeks or maybe longer depending on how healthy the lashes used to be. Lashes with damaged follicles resulting from hot glue or harsh pulling may take a longer time to regrow. Overall, the best way to keep your eyelashes healthy is to give it some space. You don’t always need to have something on it.

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8 Best Eyelash Tricks That Will Accentuate Your Look

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