Do I Need A Dedicated IP For SSL?

SSL Certificates

You need to find ways to constantly enhance your present network security infrastructure or you may need an IT personnel to set secure access permissions for teams and employees. In that case, you will need to understand how to utilize dedicated iIP for SSL.

Adopting a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address allows organizations to secure their workforce while granting access to the company network no matter their location anywhere. If this sounds like a good fit for your company, then it is essential to check out the different types of IP to find the right one for your business.

Dedicated IP And SSL Defined

An IP address identifies all the devices like mobile phones and laptops connected to a computer network. These devices use transmission control protocol or Internet protocol which consists of a numerical label like “” for communication.

The IP addresses are shaped into domain names utilizing the Domain Name System (DNS) that functions like a phone book directory for the worldwide web. If you type a domain name into your address bar,  your Internet Service Provider (ISP) generates a DNS query to demand results from the nameservers connected with that domain.

It gives you an absolute right to send your communications via a specific IP address without sharing it with other clients. As a result, you will become responsible for its reputation and, based on the volume and corresponding results, you can program your communications without relying on others.

SSL is the short form for secure socket layer and is a technology that encrypts conversation between a website and users. This encryption assures that important details like passwords, usernames, and credit card information are sent from the user to the site without the risk of interference.

It can also be said to mean a certified piece of code on a website merges this encryption with the organization accountable for the website. It establishes a secured connection between a user’s browser and website.

An SSL-certified website that operates on HTTPS protocol activates a popular green browser bar or the browser padlock to let visitors know it is safe to browse.

Reputable websites utilize SSL to secure their customer’s data and online activities. Large online businesses adopt SSL as customers purchase goods and services on the site that involve a banking transaction.

Social media sites are not left out because they use SSL to secure users on their platforms.

Why A Dedicated IP Is Important For SSL

Normally a dedicated IP address is technical for the installation of SSL. In fact, for proper SSL functionality, it is advised to have a separate dedicated IP for every certificate. Although it is possible to install multiple SSL certificates with a shared IP address.

Compulsory use of a dedicated IP depends on the hosting server type. So if a web-hosting company hosts your website, you will have to reach out to them to find out if they can grant you SNI (Server Name Indication) or if you need to purchase a dedicated IP address.

If you manage the server by yourself, you can find out about SNI technology on your machine by checking the server documentation.

The core benefit of the SNI technology is the ability to install multiple certificates and support multiple servers using the same IP address. This will help to improve trust and security by using unique certificates for various sites,  brands, and identities.

Though there is an opportunity to use multiple SSL certificates with a single IP address yet, SNI technology has several incompatibility issues with older operating systems and browsers hence making a dedicated IP address a better option when it has to do with browser compatibility, reliability, and lower risks of server downtime.

Other reasons a dedicated IP by Nordlayer is worth adopting include:

Overall Stability

A dedicated IP address eradicates the risk of having a brief downtime on the server when refreshing the IP address.

Email Server Stability

It prevents the server IP from getting blacklisted or banned for spam, which could be caused by other users using a shared IP address.

Running An FTP Server

FTP is an efficient and effective way to transfer data between computers, share files with partners, clients, family, and friends, or improve your organization. Providing access through FTP software to a special directory of your website will require the presence of a dedicated IP address.

For adequate SSL functionality it is advised that a distinct dedicated IP should be considered for every certificate. You could however, activate multiple SSL certificates these modern times by utilizing shared IP addresses – thanks to the SNI technology.


If you are confused about whether to get a dedicated IP address for SSL, you should have found these provided tips very helpful. Though it may not appear compulsory; however, it is necessary because of the many benefits that accompany it.

Ordering a dedicated IP is necessary if your hosting company requires it or the hosting server does not support SNI technology. It is also more critical if you desire to achieve the maximum level of compatibility,

Do I Need A Dedicated IP For SSL?

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