Top 11 Outdoor Birthday Shoot Ideas You Will Love

Top 11 Outdoor Birthday Shoot Ideas You Will Love

It could be your sweet 16, or you are celebrating your 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday. There’s no need for it to be a “special” number. Each birthday is a unique occasion, and you want to make it memorable.

Gathering friends and family is customary for your special day, as well as taking a couple of pictures. What if you could make the latter more memorable by adding unique settings? Whether you’ll be in the photos alone or with close ones, check out these exciting birthday shoot ideas. Pick your favourite surroundings and make them happen!

1. Have a Picnic in the Park

What makes fantastic birthday shoot ideas? It’s imperative to take care of all details, including your wardrobe and accessories. But the essential consideration is the location where you’ll shoot. Do you have a large local park nearby? If yes, that’s where you could take fantastic photos for your b-day.

As a theme for your session, we suggest having a picnic. It creates a romantic outdoor setting and guarantees dazzling photos. You’ll need a picnic basket to pack your things. The essentials include a nice blanket, delicious food, and a bottle of wine. Don’t forget balloons and decorations as the details that point out it’s your special day.

The basic picture settings include you sitting on a blanket in a beautiful summer dress. A bottle of wine and the picnic basket are next, and you are enjoying your time. A cool summer hat can add to your stylish appearance. Taking a photo holding it, and looking at the distance can create an impressive picture.

But don’t hesitate to get up and walk around the park. You’ll find many scenic locations to serve as birthday shoot ideas. It’ll ensure you have an entire collection of stunning photos to remember that date.

2. Swimming Pool Birthday Shoot Ideas

You could have a swimming pool in your backyard. Perhaps you planned on taking friends to a cottage with a large pool. You might be a passionate swimmer, and water fits your personality. If you have a professional photographer with premium equipment, you can take stunning photos.

The photo session can begin with the basic shoots by the poolside. If you have sunbeds, you can pose there. Don’t hesitate to ask friends to come and create a memorable atmosphere. Decorate the space around the pool to emphasize the birthday theme.

It’s now time to get your swimming gear on and take stunning solo pictures. The photographer can capture you getting ready to jump in the pool. The best experts can also take shots while you are mid-air. These will look stunning as it’ll seem like you are flying. And with the right angle, everything could appear like you are in a major competition and not in your backyard. Some other creative birthday shoot ideas include posing with balloons inside the pool, getting friends in the water for a joint picture, etc.

3. Beach Photoshoot

Do you have the blessing of living in a seaside area? If the beach is right around the corner, it’s a huge advantage. In addition, you have a vast selection of beach birthday shoot ideas at your disposal.

For starters, you can pick from different appearances. How about looking stylish and putting on a pair of stylish sunglasses and a summer linen shirt? Perhaps you prefer to get in your swimsuit or speedos. After all, you are on the beach. And you can always get inside the water for great photos. A professional can take a picture where it seems like you are “making” waves or capturing you while surfing.

Lying on the sand and even making a castle out of it can be an exciting photo. You can place balloons into the sand structures you made. And there’s the option for you and your friends to bury yourselves neck-deep in the sand. It sounds cool to take a photo where only your heads would be visible. If you prefer a more classical photo, you can climb on the rocks, and the picture could portray the waves and sea behind you.

4. In the Nature

If you say birthday shoot ideas in outdoor settings, the first thing that comes to mind is nature. There’s nothing that would make a photo better than the luscious green scenery around you. You surely have a forest close to your location or another area filled with trees and flowers. That’s where you should head with a professional photographer for your birthday.

Females can put on a summer dress with floral patterns. Males can consider looking elegant in shirts and pants or going for a sporty look. Camping can also be an inspiration for the photo. If you have a tent, you can place it. Lighting a campfire is an excellent touch, and you can ask the photographer to come once the night falls. Evening-time pictures can look fantastic with balloons around the campfire and you and your friends hanging out.

5. Mountain Birthday Shoot Ideas

Are you a passionate hiker? Do you enjoy exploring nature by bike? Are you familiar with some dazzling locations for perfect photos? Perhaps not many people are familiar with an attractive local mountain spring. Maybe you know a simple way to reach the top of the mountain where stunning views of the area are available.

And you don’t even need to be a hiker. You could only like mountain birthday shoot ideas. Imagine a photo where you look at the distance from the top of a cliff. A professional could picture you close to a waterfall or cave entrance. Of course, it’s imperative to remain safe while creating mountain shots. But as long as you don’t compromise anyone’s safety, feel free to take stunning photos. The mountains guarantee numerous fantastic locations for memorable b-day pictures.

6. Flower Fields

You could say this is a female-friendly option, but that’s not necessarily true. Taking a photo in the flower fields will create a romantic and pleasant outdoor atmosphere. If you feel that fits your personality, don’t hesitate to go with these birthday shoot ideas.

Now, the trick is in choosing appropriate flower fields. If you are lucky, you could have a stunning lavender field not far from your residence. Depending on the location, you might need to cross more miles to reach the destination.

That’s why it’s vital you don’t forget anything. While packing, make sure to bring a change of clothes. It’s an entire photo session, so it helps to have different outfits. You also need balloons, decorations, and other accessories. Don’t hesitate to pose holding the balloons in the air. You can also take photos smelling the flowers, picking them (if allowed), etc.

7. Rooftop Terrace

Rooftops are the perfect birthday shoot ideas if you are aiming for elegance. You want to look classy and put on formal attire. Whether it’s a tuxedo or a little black dress, these terraces are the perfect place to wear them.

You could organize a birthday party at a restaurant and ask guests to take a photo on the terrace. Big cities have tall buildings with terraces featuring stunning views. Depending on preference, you could go for daytime or nighttime photographs. Either way, balloons and decorations specify it’s a birthday occasion. And cocktails add it’s a celebration and a party atmosphere. The result will be memorable photos you’ll enjoy watching years later.

8. Garden Party

Do you have a big and attractive garden? Then, that can be the perfect location for your upcoming birthday party. Now, you probably already have photos in the garden, so it’s imperative to decorate it a bit.

Try to go beyond the usual balloons with numbers. Get some extra flowers if necessary. Consider bringing a jukebox machine and improvising a bar. If you have a grill, it is time to light it up. You are making a b-day party, so try to make it a bit special. If kids are among visitors, it’s a neat idea to add a small table for them.

9. Tropical Vibes

Palm trees seem to be a definition of tropical surroundings. But you might be a general plant fan and have tropical leaves in your house. If yes, how about posing with those for stunning birthday photos? The only thing to ensure is a suitable backdrop. Of course, it helps if you have a pool in the background. But even if you can’t make it “tropical,” ask the photographer to pick a background that doesn’t seem urban.

There’s always the option of heading to a tropicarium. It’s where you’ll find jungle or rainforest settings. You could even dress like Indiana Jones and make it look like you are going on a vast adventure!

10. Drone Photography

Drone photography is the latest trend for various events. You’ve surely attended a wedding where these gadgets took photos from the air or even recorded the entire thing. Thanks to technology, drones can equip cameras with stunning resolutions to make dazzling photos.

It’s clear why drones are convenient for outdoor birthday shoot ideas. For starters, you can raise them to heights that humans can’t reach. If you are in the mountains, a drone could take a photo of you standing on a rock from different angles.

The only consideration is you need a professional licensed and capable of flying a drone. They will know where it’s legal to fly a drone and take pictures. Pros will also know the perfect angles for each photo to ensure you have memorable pictures.

11. Urban Surroundings

You grew up in the downtown of a big city, so how about using those urban surroundings for birthday shoot ideas? Grab your birthday balloons and pose with those numbers in the most crowded street. The photographer will blur the people in the background to deliver a stunning photo.

And if you grew up in that city or you knew it inside out, you surely know secret spots where a great photo could be taken. Even if you are a tourist, you can ask a local professional photographer to suggest the best urban surroundings for your photos. Don’t hesitate to try everything from sitting on a beach to posing with a tram in the background.


It’s your birthday, so don’t hesitate to ensure each detail of your photoshoot fits your preference. You can’t get creative if you stay at home, so go to an outdoor setting. If you enjoy leisure time and relaxation, a beach or poolside are better destinations.

Passionate hikers would enjoy mountains, and fans of elegance can go to rooftop terraces and similar locations. Your desire might be to gather friends and family for a backyard party. And that’s also fine since a professional photographer can suggest birthday shoot ideas in these locations. Don’t hesitate to hire an expert with years of experience in the business. Not only they can suggest creative picture ideas, but they also ensure the highest photo quality!

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Top 11 Outdoor Birthday Shoot Ideas You Will Love

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