5 Super Effective Ways to Relieve Stress at Work

Stress at Work

For many Americans, work and stress go hand in hand together. One recent survey has found that 94% of employees in the United States experiencing stress at their workplace. 23% of people reported high stress levels, while 6% described their stress levels as unreasonably high.

So, how do we become more like the 6% of workers who do not experience stress at work? In this blog post, we will highlight five practical and effective ways to relieve stress at work.

1. Tidy Desk Equals a Tidy Mind

Does your work desk give you a headache as soon as you look at it in the morning? A cluttered desk with documents, stationery, and other items can make it difficult to concentrate on important tasks.

It helps to find a place for everything on your desk. Organize documents in folders, keep your stationery in one place, and give yourself the space you need to focus on your work. With all this extra space, you can even add a nice plant to brighten up your desk.

2. Take Regular Mini Breaks

Regular breaks at work can help you to reduce stress, reevaluate goals, increase productivity, improve creativity, and reduce aches and pains from sitting for too long at one time.

Short breaks every 30 to 90 minutes can help your mind to relax and refocus. Even though you may be at your desk for less time during the day, your productivity will likely improve significantly.

3. Focus On Your Comfort

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to chronic health problems and affect our mental health. Consider switching to a standing desk or combining a sitting/standing routine during your day. Standing desks can help improve our mood, energy levels, comfort, and productivity.

4. Create a Daily Schedule

Having a clear work schedule for each day can help keep you on track and reduce the stress that comes from feeling overwhelmed. You can prioritize your goals and identify crunch times so that you don’t allow stress to creep you on you.

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5. Take Time Away From the Office

At least once a day, try to take time away from your office building entirely. During your lunch break, a walk in a nearby park can help you with stress management and focus on other things. Even if it’s just for 10 or 15 minutes, the benefits for your mental health can be significant.

Useful Tips for Dealing With Stress at Work

The above tips are easy to implement, can have a wonderful impact on your overall mental health, and reduce stress at work. Taking time to focus on yourself can, in turn, improve your daily productivity. Even if you work in a fast-paced environment, take time to care for your own well-being.

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5 Super Effective Ways to Relieve Stress at Work

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