Know Your Golf Etiquette: What to Wear on the Green

Golf Etiquette

You’ve invested in all of the right clubs, you’ve found the perfect golf shoes, you’re learning the rules of the game, and you’re ready to make your way onto the green to show off your skills.

Not so fast! As a beginner golfer, you may not be familiar with the basic rules of golf etiquette—like having the right apparel. You might even be surprised to know that many courses even have dress codes to ensure a standard appearance!

Let’s take a look at a few simple guidelines for golf clothing so you can step onto the course with confidence.

Golf Apparel for Men

When it comes to men’s apparel, it’s always a safe bet to wear a collared shirt. Some men choose to wear short-sleeved polos, especially custom-embroidered team options like the ones available here. Others wear button-down shirts, but this is rarer in warm weather.

Shorts or slacks are the best options in terms of pants—never soccer shorts or drawstring pants, and some clubs may not allow members to wear jeans or more casual pants either. Long chinos and chino shorts are a great option, as well as dress shorts. Belts are a standard accessory for many men on the golf course.

Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to golf etiquette, shorts should always reach your knees, never shorter.

Golf Apparel for Women

Women have a few more options available for golf dress etiquette.

To begin, it’s worth noting that the same options for men’s apparel apply to women as well: collared shirts, dress shorts, and slacks are all great choices.

However, women can also opt for collared golf dresses, golf skorts, and athletic capris, or golf pants as well. As you choose your outfit, be sure to avoid flowy, informal skirts and dresses as well as tube tops or T-shirts.

Golf Accessories

Once you have the basic apparel covered, don’t forget to invest in a few necessary accessories!

Most golfers won’t head out for a game without a solid pair of sunglasses and a hat. Some golf courses may forbid casual hats like straw hats, but hats with visors and baseball caps are great options to choose from.

In addition, many golfers wear a glove on their non-dominant hands to enhance their grip, though this isn’t necessary. Most golfers also bring a purse or backpack to hold personal belongings, in addition to their caddy.

Follow These Basic Golf Etiquette Rules

If you’re not familiar with golf etiquette and attire, finding the right clothes to wear on the golf course can feel a little intimidating. However, following the basic guidelines above can help you fit right in with no trouble. Even if you play at home on your golf hitting mats or outside on the real greens, following proper apparel would keep you in the mood. Be sure to get familiar with the rules of the golf course you’ll visit, and use these tips to help you find functional apparel without sacrificing style!

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Know Your Golf Etiquette: What to Wear on the Green

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