How To Motivate My Child For Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization

Children look up to their parents as role models. They are the bedrock upon which their children’s educational talents are built. Every Muslim parent desires for their children to be inspired by the Quran and Sunnah.

Raising moral children is not only a desire for parents but also a responsibility. However, in recent years, it has become increasingly tough. Because parents are preoccupied with a variety of other responsibilities.

However, parents can assist their children in acquiring the Quran rapidly by adopting specific habits and employing simple strategies. Here are some helpful tips for teaching your child to memorize the Quran properly.

How To Make Your Child Memorize The Quran

Hire An Online Quran Teacher

If you live in a Muslim minority country or in a country where Arabic is not their native language. And don’t have the time or expertise to teach your children the Quran, the best solution is to find a trained online Quran tutor to memorize the Quran for kids.

Online Quran Memorization is a simple and easiest way of learning. In a safe and secure setting, your child can learn the Quran.

Tell Them About The Blessings

You should not only give them things on your own, but you should also tell them about the blessings that Allah would shower on them. The advantages of reading this Holy Book are immeasurable.

People who recite it have their hearts purified, go to heaven and have a better understanding of how to spend their life. And If someone will memorize it the rewards will be more than double. The person who will memorize the Quran will take 10 persons to Jannah.

The benefits of reading the Holy Quran are manifold. It will instill in your kids the importance of reading the Holy Quran. In this approach, they will develop an interest in reading and learning the Holy Quran.

Your Kid Should Start From Basics

To memorize the Quran Online, we must first learn the fundamentals, such as the Arabic alphabet and the ability to read full words and sentences. The fundamentals, such as the Arabic letters and their associated forms, Sukoon, Shaddah, Tanween, and so on, are the first step in learning how to recite the Quran correctly. Afterward, you can go to the next step which is memorization.

Assign Different Tasks to Them

Make it more engaging by including a timer. Set a target for the pupils to complete recitation in a specified period while reciting at a higher pitch. This will assist you in increasing your recitation efficiency. It will also be entertaining for the children.

Give Them a Prize

Keep a Quran notepad in your house and reward your kids when they use it. It will work effectively with younger children who may not understand the importance of the situation. If your child is three years old and you are teaching him or her the Quran, giving them presents at each achievement might encourage them to continue.

Make Quran Memorization Enjoyable

When children are young, between the ages of three and six, they require fun learning methods. Look for an online Quran tutor who understands your situation. Also, have a look at their timetable. Don’t fill it to the top. You can come up with inventive ideas if things aren’t working out.

Make Your Child Listen To The Quran Recitation

As your children get older, keep playing the audio recitation of the Quran in their presence. Children must become familiar with the Quran since this will make it easier for them to read and remember the Quran in the future.

Their Small Achievements Should Be Celebrated

Completing a chapter in Qaida, reciting difficult words, accurately pronouncing words, or perhaps remembering letter sounds are all examples. In an adult, all of this appears to be extremely common.

They are significant achievements for a child. As a result, you must appreciate their modest successes as a parent. A bar of chocolate, any toy, a favorite meal, or even a long trip to a park or museum may make them feel accomplished.

Go To Teaching Tajweed

When youngsters are taught Tajweed, they will learn the proper pronunciation of each letter as well as other Quran reciting standards. It requires patience to learn the Quran for kids’ ideas and how to teach the Quran, but it is immensely enlightening and rewarding because each repeated Ayah counts for ten positive actions.

Bottom Line

In the above article, I have tried to tell you how you can engage your kids for Quran Memorization. You can follow these tips and motivate your kids.

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How To Motivate My Child For Quran Memorization

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