5 Popular Fashion Trends for This Winter

Popular Fashion Trends for This Winter

After over a year of staying inside wearing nothing but sweatpants and pajamas, people are ready to step out in bold, fashion-forward looks now that the world is opening again.

That sentiment has been reflected in the trends that hit the runways during fashion month, resulting in a season of colour, texture, and feeling empowered in what you wear.

While staying on-trend can be fun, the most important thing to consider when it comes to fashion is how you feel in the clothes you’re wearing. If a trend doesn’t make you feel good, don’t wear it! That being said, here are some popular trends that will be everywhere this winter to consider incorporating into your wardrobe.

1. Knit Cardigans

It’s pretty safe to assume that knits will always be an important staple for fall and winter fashion. This year, the emphasis is on cardigans. These sweaters are great for layering during transitional seasons or to bring along for extra warmth.

Try browsing online through free knitting patterns to get you inspired to make this trend yourself. By knitting a cardigan yourself, you have full control of the style, colour, pattern, and shape.

2. Sheer

It may seem weird for sheer fabric to be popular during the coldest months of the year, but anything for fashion, right?

If you want to keep it more subtle, use a sheer top as a layering piece to add texture and interest to your outfit or throw on some sheer tights under your favorite summer skirt or dress to make your pieces work year-round.

3. Puff it Up

From puffer jackets to puff sleeves, this season is all about the puff. To avoid looking like the Michelin man, pair your puffy items with something more form-fitting to maintain some shape.

For example, if you are sporting a puffer jacket, pair it with straight-leg pants to balance out your look.

4. Bright Monochromatic Looks

You may be used to pulling out your neutrals for winter, but this year is projected to look a bit different. Bright colors are associated with feelings of happiness and joy, and after the year we’ve had, adding joy anywhere we can is essential.

Violet, blush pink, butter yellow, and sky blue are all colors that will be everywhere this season. An easy and trendy way to style these colors is to go for a completely monochromatic look. You can also pair brighter colors with your regular winter neutrals to add a pop to your look.

5. Shimmer and Glitter

Glitter doesn’t need to be reserved for New Year’s Eve! This year, you should take every opportunity to celebrate that you can, even if it’s just in your fashion choices. Glitter and shimmer will be really popular this year and will help bring a fun twist to your style.

How much sparkle you feel like adding is up to you, so be bold with a full shimmer dress or jacket. For a more subtle take on this trend, get a sparkly bag that you can wear with a toned-down outfit.

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5 Popular Fashion Trends for This Winter

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