Rust Survival Guide: 7 Tips to Survive on Your Own

Rust Survival

Rust is undoubtedly a brutal and unforgiving survival game of all times. You start naked with only a torch and rock in your hand. You have to gather resources like stones, wood, and food to stay alive. Playing all by yourself is a bit dangerous in Rust. Death is inevitable, and you get raided now and then without a team.

Playing solo in the Rust has some drawbacks. But don’t worry! You can take the help of the best rust hacks from aimclub to improve your aim. The hacks will enhance your gameplay experience making it more enjoyable.

Apart from that, here is a Rust guide including seven tips to survive on your own.

1. Select suitable server

Try playing on a smaller or less populated server if you plan to play Rust solo. Large groups or teams can be on less populated servers, but the map will not have much crowd with large bases and complexes.

You will have more space between your and other rivals’ base. You can also find a secluded area to avoid tracing from roaming raiders. But playing on a crowded server will increase your chance of getting into trouble.

2. Craft a spear

Crafting a spear should be your priority on spawning in Rust. You will find yourself in a combat situation after spawning. So, making a spear should be your top priority without looking around and gathering anything. A wooden spear is a cheapest and fastest tool you can craft to hold itself in early combats.

3. Build base in snow

Most players avoid snowy areas in the Rust to build their solo base in snow. However, it does not mean you will not have to face enemies, but there will be lesser rivals than the grassy areas. You will need some clothes to survive in the cold. You will also require a Cloth to make basic shirt and trousers to keep you warm.

Snow is a good source of stone and Sulfur for crafting materials. However, you will have to move to other areas for materials, but snow will keep you safe.

4. Make small base

You do not need a massive base if you are playing solo in Rust. A simple 1*1 or 1*2 base is sufficient to keep all items you need with lesser resources required. It will protect you away from a gang of raiders as they focus only on big bases where they can have more loot.

A large base will attract enemies and put you in danger, especially when playing alone. Moreover, you can upgrade a small base to protect yourself from raiders.

5. Lookout for silent nodes

Gathering materials in Rust can be noisy sometimes. Bashing a rock against a tree makes noise and attracts nearby enemies. So, look for smaller resource nodes that you can pick without tools. It includes tree stumps and smaller rocks that grant you wood and ores.

Make sure to protect yourself from wild animals apart from enemies in Rust. Try getting a bow early in the game to fight off wild animals.

6. Decide sleeping bag location

Sleeping bags are your respawn point where you will find yourself again when you resume if you die or exit. But you have to consider where you should drop the sleeping bag carefully. It is good to move a bit inland from the beach where you first wake up.

It is because the beach is the starting point for most players where you can become a target. Please do not leave the sleeping bag out in the open. Try finding a secluded place near a cliff or forest to put the sleeping bag.

7. Fight only when sure

Raiding bases and battling other players is a part of Rust, but survival is critical when playing solo. Do not pick a fight unless you are 100% sure of surviving and getting out alive. Wait for any two groups to fight and jump in to kill survivors. Leave the significant gangs but take advantage of any situation by staying out of sight.

Please do not engage anyone until you have a secure base and effective weapons. Use stealth to your advantage and catch some players off-guard if you have a gun.


Rust is a challenging game for a solo player. You will lose your stuff, get raided, lose your base, or die in the game. It is inevitable, but you should not lose courage while playing on the field. The above tips will guide you to survive in the Rust while playing solo.

Rust Survival Guide: 7 Tips to Survive on Your Own

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