The Surprising Sport With the Most Injuries

Sport With the Most Injuries

If you’re an athlete, you understand the negative outcomes that come with an injury. You take all the steps necessary to prevent injuries. The reality is that injuries do occur.

Injuries are a major concern for youth who play sports. An injury can cause young athletes to experience physical and psychological consequences. Out of all the sports, there’s one with the most injuries.

It may sound surprising, but basketball is the sport with the most injuries. Read this article to find out why.

Behind the Numbers

Sports injuries are way too common. Sports injuries tend to affect younger adults and children. Data shows that thousands of young athletes are at risk for a sports injury.

The numbers don’t lie. The number of injuries is high across all the major sports. Each sport has its risks.

You would think that football is the sport with the most injuries. Not at all. It may surprise you, but in youth, there are 12% fewer injuries per player than in organized soccer.

Data shows that soccer is more dangerous than football as more injuries occur in soccer. There’s plenty of contact in soccer that can result in an injury. The shoes with spikes can cause serious harm to another player.

But what about other sports? Hockey is a sport known for its speed and aggression. Yet, it’s still not the sport with the highest number of injuries.

When it comes to high school and college sports, basketball is the sport with the most injuries. The threat of youth basketball is real as youth who play this sport are at risk for an injury at every play.

The Risk for Injuries in Basketball

Injuries in basketball are commonplace. They don’t only affect the pros. Youth who play basketball are at risk for different injuries that can put them on the sidelines.

No matter how much training a basketball player undergoes, the player can get injured at any time. A basketball player can also take steps to protect against injuries. That’s why many wear elbow and knee pads or have special shoes to protect them.

Despite all the protection, the risk for injuries will always be there. Keep in mind different factors that can cause a player to suffer an injury.

The basketball environment has to be safe for the players. Any hazards on the basketball court can lead to injuries. If there’s water on the court, a player can slip and suffer an injury.

Basketball is a contact sport. It can get rough, especially with all the competitive players on the court who want to win the game. Aggressive contact can lead to all kinds of serious injuries.

Several variables come into play in this sport that increases a player’s risk for injury. Basketball players must understand their risk for injuries.

The Most Common Injuries in Basketball

Injuries in basketball range from minor ones to major ones that need surgery. Due to all the running and jumping that takes place in this sport, ankle sprains are common.

Ankle sprains can occur when a player lands awkwardly or steps on an opponent’s foot. This injury can also occur as a result of a slip on a wet court. Lateral ankle sprains are the most common types of sprains.

A player who suffers an ankle sprain may experience severe swelling or bruising and pain. It can take a few days or up to six weeks for this injury to heal. Rest and application of ice and compression can help to reduce pain and swelling.

ACL and knee injuries are also common in this sport. A player who suffers one of these injuries will experience immediate pain as the knee gives away. A torn ACL is a serious injury that almost always needs surgery.

An ACL injury can cause a player to spend a lot of time away from the sport. After surgery, a player can be out of action for 6-18 months.

Muscle strains and contusions are two injuries that are also common in basketball. For these two injuries, treatment focuses on rest, the application of ice, and rehab. Strains that aren’t serious can heal in 2-6 weeks, but severe ones can take up to 12 weeks to heal.

You may think that concussions is an injury that’s only prevalent in football. The reality is that concussions can occur in this sport. A basketball player can suffer a concussion after colliding with another player.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Basketball

You may not think that basketball is the sport with the worst injuries. One of the most serious injuries that these players are at risk for is a spinal cord injury.

This injury is a life-altering injury that can do more than leave a basketball player on the sidelines. A spinal cord injury damages the spinal cord. It can result in loss of function.

A basketball player who suffers this type of injury may lose mobility. The player can also lose strength and the ability to feel things.

A spinal cord injury may be caused by a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine. If you’re a basketball player and want to learn more about spinal cord injury basics, click the link.

Basketball Is the Sport With the Most Injuries

If you ask people what’s the sport with the most injuries, chances are most will answer football or baseball. The truth is that basketball is the sport with the most injuries.

It may even be the sport with the most injuries in the world due to the number of injuries that occur in this sport. Basketball players are at risk for different injuries from sprains to spinal cord injury.

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The Surprising Sport With the Most Injuries

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